Brake discs or drums

Quality constituting the guarantee of driving safely

DACO brake drums and discs are created with exceptional diligence for functional values. Thanks to the use of top alloys for the disc and drum production, they are remarkably resilient and reliable.  Our products together with brake blocks and brake pads guarantee the reduction of braking distance and the safety of driving. In our offer there are over 600 references of brake discs as well as over 80 references of brake drums. Because of their high quality, these products successfully fulfil our customers’ expectations.

Discs and drums are manufactured in a way that prevents the occurrence of deformation. A selection of appropriate raw materials ensures high resistance to thermal stress.

We offer solid and ventilated discs.

There are over 600 brake discs and 80 brake drums on our offer!

High quality of the raw materials guarantees resistance to deformation!

Ideal complement to DACO Germany brake blocks!